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White Dragon FlagWhite Dragon Flag
History of the Flag

In 450 AD when the hordes of Attila roared across Europe, the cohorts of Rome were destroyed. The invading hordes never reached either Britain or the empire of the East (The Byzantine Empire) ruled from Constantinople (Istanbul). The Crescent as well as the Red Dragon remained the symbols of the Byzantine Empire until the Empire fell to the Turks in the 16th century.

When the dragon actually became red is unknown but the leaving of Rome did not mean the leaving of the colonial army of Rome any more than the leaving of Britain from India meant the leaving of those colonial forces from India.

However, with the departure of the last Roman governor Britain was left to its own devices, the cohorts of the locally recruited army were left as the only remnant of law and order. The commanders of these cohorts became Kings or Chiefs in their own right. The country that was unified under the Romans became fragmented.

Even before the Romans had left Britain, the Saxons continued to raid the shores of the east of Britain and the standard of the Saxons was the White Dragon.

The Saxons came by their dragon symbol by a different route, the Saxons after all had always been the enemy of Rome and though from time to time had been defeated by Rome, had never been conquered by Rome.

The effect over many years of this close contact between Rome and the German tribes was the adoption by the Saxons of the symbols of Rome in this case it was the White Dragon that arrived on the shores of Britain with the invading Saxon armies.

In this way the White Dragon of the Saxons gradually pushed back the Red Dragon of the Celts.

Celtic legend is full of tales of battles between Red and White Dragons. These tales are the end result of what in all probability were real battles such as the battle of Burford in the 9th century when the Red Dragon of the Celts fought the White Dragon of the Saxons.

On the Welsh border the Saxon King Offa built his dyke defining the border between the two kingdoms, at about the same time the Saxons moved into the south west including the old boundary of west Wales (Kurnow) which ran through the middle of Devon.

The White Dragon Flag of the Saxons, Angles and Jutes can be seen featured on the Bayeux

A known historical reference to the White Dragon Flag is at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey where it was noted that the Dragon of the English was displayed with other standards. It must be remembered that over the years the shape of the dragon as well as the dragon flag has continually changed, even the Red Dragon of Wales has seen much change over the last century. Going further back to 1066 and Hastings the dragon at that time, was in all probability, more like a windsock than a flag.

The present situation with the White Dragon Flag of the Angles, Saxons and Jutes is that there are signs of revival. The White Dragon Flag is distributed by the English Flag Society as well as others. It is seen at many locations throughout England including at the last night of the Proms! It is hoped that the White Dragon Flag will either replace the quasi religious Papal/Norman invention known as the St. Georges Cross or peacefully co-exist with it.

The following is the reason why we should reject any of the symbols of Papal/Norman influence:-

The Death Bed Confessions of William the Bastard of Normandy as recorded by Orderic Vitalis:

 "I have persecuted the English beyond all reason. Whether gentle or simple I have cruelly oppressed them; many I unjustly disinherited; innumerable multitudes perished through me by famine or the sword.... I fell upon the English of the Northern shire like a ravening lion. Commanded their houses and corn, with all their implements and chattels to be burnt without distinction, and great herds of cattle and beasts of burden to be butchered wherever they were found. In this way I took revenge upon multitudes of both sexes by subjecting them to the calamity of a cruel famine, and so became the barbarous murderer of many thousands, both young and old of that fine race of people. Having gained the throne of that kingdom by so many crimes, I dare not leave it to anyone but God......"

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White Dragon Flag